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Welcome to the Volunteer Center! Here, you’ll be able to search for volunteer opportunities, find out about non-profit events that are happening in Door County and learn about the incredible benefits of volunteering. We know that our Door County community members are willing to help, it’s just that they don’t always know where the help is needed. The Volunteer Center is your one-stop site for all things volunteer! Click a link, take a look around and find out where your help is needed!

In the News

16th Annual Golden Heart Recipients Announced

April 19, 2018 - The Volunteer Center of Door County celebrated the 16th Annual Golden Heart Volunteer Celebration “Volunteers- The Heart of the Community” honoring the incredible work of Door County volunteers and the agencies they serve. The 2018 award recipients are:

Adult: Lori Vorpahl, representing many different organizations

Environmental Stewardship: Gretchen Recupero Schmelzer, Crossroads of Big Creek

Group: Door County Habitat for Humanity Construction Volunteers

Youth Scholarship: Olivia James Van Den Heuvel 

Karl May Lifetime of Service Award:  Shirley Senarighi, representing many different organizations

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Contact the Volunteer Center. We’ll be able to connect you with many agencies in need of volunteers.

  1. Understand the needs of the non-profit you want to help, and how you can add value. Also understand how they can contribute to your goals.
  2. Allow plenty of lead time when looking to plan a volunteer project with an agency. The agency will need time to identify a meaningful project and organize their staff. A minimum of one month is usually best.
  3. Set realistic expectations with regard to volunteer recruitment. Take into consideration the culture of your company, etc. so that you can provide the number of volunteers that you commit to.
  4. Less is sometimes more. Don’t assume that a small group of volunteers will not be effective. Many agencies are happy to accommodate small groups of volunteers. Most agencies can handle a maximum of 20 volunteers per site. Some can accommodate only 5 volunteers, and a few can handle between 40 – 70 volunteers in one location.
  5. If possible, establish continuous lines of communication and outreach. Avoid connecting only around the time of a big event.
  6. Some non-profits may have extremely limited resources. Even an agency that you have a strong relationship with may find it difficult to organize a volunteer project if there is very little, or no, money for supplies.
  7. Think about the strengths, area of expertise, or resources you can share with current or potential agency partners. (i.e. specific employee skills, pro bono services, meeting space, in-kind donations of computers or other useful items, etc.).
  8. When choosing dates for your volunteer activities consult your agency partners first to find out when their greatest needs are.
  9. Be flexible and open to ideas. Being willing to share your own ideas.


Contact us and let us know how we can help YOUR business and OUR community!


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